The “Left Mind” and the “Story Teller Apparatus”

(An egocentric phenomenon)

“The act of giving seemingly sincere appreciation and the juxtaposition of extreme toxic resentment”

The Love/Hate of Egoism

Within the confines of the analytical left hemisphere of the human brain, resides the language center, and anatomically a subset of temporal cells is the human ego.  No matter how much effort is involved, the unaware will go to extreme lengths in order to maintain their rightness, despite doing what Is truly right.  This is the mechanism that makes our world so scary, not the proximate culprits that the ego projects itself upon.


The unaware individual will offer up a heart felt accolade of gratitude, and then mercurially, offer the exact antithetical sentiment when they feel like they’ve been slighted, absent any reason or logic, but self-righteously supported by pseudo-logic.

Possessing no true integrity and their ego unrestrained, but all concerned with reason and logic, the unaware will actually unwittingly manufacture supporting evidence, or assiduously find others to support their counter claim, in order to substantiate their egoism no matter the cost to the once revered and the now accused!

This mechanism is the cornerstone of the Litigious based fear that our society is now subject to, and has tremendously harmed a culture that was fought and died for by so many brave men and women.   Fear and lack of awareness and integrity breeds more fear.

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