I’m not certain how many times I’ve heard this “Judgement filled external people control technique” Spell Cast, but it’s overuse deafens me and I’m sure its potency has become less than anemic, to those in which this hocus pocus is intended.
“Let’s make good choices kids!”, is uttered incessantly as I pick up my 4 year old daughter from preschool.   All the kids are completely immune to this prescription intended to decrease  the frustration of those who attend to my child and the others.
While I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for the Saints that choose this vocation, I know a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing when I see it.  
Watching joyfully as these fascinating little souls, only trying to fully experience their bodies and imaginations, and then “Choices!” gratingly snaps all creativity and whips us all back into the linear dimension that lefties seem to be so fond of. 
The teachers are not to blame, they only employ techniques given them by those who intend to control the teachers, and on up the line it goes with the most ambitious lefty who sets the rules and thus the culture of the learning environment.  
It’s unbelievably obvious how to remedy this automaton creating system, implementing it is a different story, as tradition, rules and politics deplete the bravest righties among us.

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