Synthesis: How Human Sentience is Intended to Operate, and its Failure 

Concepts, or “categories of human understanding”, are contingent upon 

Space and Time for the limits of our human senses, to process experience.  

The Left Minds’ architecture is wired as a serial processor filtering one data stream at a time. 

It perceives details, compares and analyzes individual parts

While the Right Mind Synthesizes the parts into an Integrated whole and processes only in the moment, not linearly or temporally as does the Left Mind.

Space and Time are not concepts themselves, but constructs necessary for our limited human senses to comprehend and structure our experience. 

Space and Time are a priori 

(they exist as a necessary condition for our perceptions and experiences themselves to occur, they provide the construct necessary for our Temporal Left Mind to Function).

        “Thus the objective order of nature and

         the causal necessity that operates within it

         depend on the mind’s processes,

         the product of the rule-based activity.”

                      -Immanuel Kant (1755)

In other words, physical objects that we perceive in our environment, require the mediating construct(s) of Space and Time, for the wiring architecture of our brain to contextually process what our senses provide it.  

The Left Mind analyzes the particulars, and the Right Mind integrates those particulars into the Whole. In this way we Intuitively, and rather effortlessly, synthesize an accurate objective reality of our world and existence.

This process, necessarily requires that the Right Mind lead the Left Mind, to intuit and synthesize an objective view of reality.

The Usurping of our Right Mind, by the Temporal Egocentric Left.

If we succumb to our fears, and unwittingly summon the protective apparatus of our instinctual egocentric Left Mind, we reverse the process in which our Human Sentient apparatus was intended to operate.  

In this process we relenquish our uniquely human endowment of living a consciously intended life, in favor of a lesser reactive animalistic one, as dictated by our unconscious survival instincts.

If our environment supports this phenomenon, and we have no knowledge that we are now expressing as less than human, we can become fixed in this lower state of existence and cope and toil, in lieu of thriving and flowing as we were intended to.

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