Yesterday, in front of four people and the possessed, I performed an exorcism, though no one witnessed the demonic release but me.
Before meeting the afflicted, I was briefed by no fewer than 3 of my staff members (the last one actually crying) as to the nightmare I was about to encounter.
I was a bit behind schedule, as I was attempting to synthesize the 3 page typed letter that chronologically listed every prescription, malady, surgery, as well as for her family members past and present.
I knew who I’d be meeting before I stepped in to examine this “Professionally Sick Person”, as I’ve met this ghoul in various incarnations many times before.
Moments after introducing myself, sans the Crucifix and Rosary beads, I was presented with an endless litany of her demanding preferences, more ailments that she forgot to chronicle, and told of the many stupid and incompetent doctors that had failed her time and time again.
Sitting two feet away, and my eyes locked onto hers, I could begin to feel her release as she unconsciously came to know that she would not be engaging my ego today, but neither would she be controlling the stupid molar mechanic that she had just met. 
After our encounter she did not once again express another ridiculous preference, such as asking me to turn off my computer as the cooling fan was upsetting her sensibilities, but she did inquire how soon she could schedule another treatment appointment.
I’m not “stupid” enough to think that I won’t have to perform maintenance exorcisms going forward, but the more obvious sleepers do more rapidly respond to truth and confidence than another ego that their irrationality is so prepared to battle.  
In the end, all people want is to be Seen, understood and loved, having your defense mechanism as your first line of defense just adds fuel to the fire and connection becomes impossible.

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