I’m a reasonable and rational….aren’t I?

Having built a nice cozy fire, a friend and myself were attempting to relax after managing 12 rambunctious 9 year olds at an overnight birthday party.  Herding cats is a much less energy intensive operation than trying to keep kids like these focused after the kind of dizzying attention rich birthday party that so many parents think there children yearn for.  

The mixture of pounds of sucrose, glowing neon lawn darts, a trampoline, a custom built back yard zip line, and on and on….isn’t conducive for…well anything other than inducing ADHD.  Attempting to console my friend, who was visibly shaken that the kids weren’t interested in her 12th activity that she had planned, was to no avail.  “How could they not be interested in this?”, she said, “I would have loved this when I was a kid!”  And then the requisite, “I just wanted him to have fun and give him the perfect party!”

Frustration seems to be a chronic affliction for so many children and adults alike.  The adults maintain their childlike frustration mechanism because their parents, and society, continue to feed this egocentric soothing mechanism, and thus it perpetuates the externalized mentality until some adult wakes up and attempts to internalize their life, and assume true responsibility.  This healing concept is so foreign, and rarely entertained as it requires some interior work, not something you can counterfeit like pulling off the perfect wedding or birthday party. 

“Why don’t they do this?”, and “What makes people not think like me?”, is code for I cope, I don’t want to understand, I want others to conform to my reality so my inner turmoil that I have no intention of ever managing will go away.  This mentality leads to many spotless homes, shiny rims and alphabetized Campbell Soup cans, but also to unattended psyches that are incessantly, if not unconsciously, crying for help.  
A commonly accepted modality among the left minded, is to reason with people to get them to “see the light” and “grow”.   Wise people think intelligently and reasonably, I think is their logic.  No one, especially a person driven by their ego, ever makes an important decision on reason alone.  They unconsciously emotionally have already decided and only need locate the confirming data from their external environment to buttress their ever more reasonable, wise and rational, albeit predetermined “choice”.  

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