I’m so Proud of Myself, My New Path is Awesome!

The Downward Exhausting Spiral of Playing the Game.

Lefties commiserate with other lefties and believe they have grown.  This provides them a sense of security, safety and kinship but their bond has no potency and they are bound in their blindness by this mechanism.  Like crabs in a barrel if one attempts to reach toward the light, the crabs beneath them will grab them with a claw and put them back in their place.  Drinks after work and bitching about your asshole boss/boyfriend/coworker, does not ease the burden that you carry!

Frustration eventually provides them the “idea” (unconsciously repressed emotion) to try a new external change (mate, job, etc.) as they have no confidence in themselves because they don’t trust or know themselves enough to go inside and win back their Authentic Self.  Focusing on changing the external deferentially to the internal, though beyond irrational, is the socially accepted mode of growth in All areas of our culture, so it’s only “normal” to follow the herd in lockstep.

Their new object elates them for a time, and they will profess that they are,”proud of themselves”,for having the courage for taking a new path (the path fallacy is so overdone!) etc. 

This process repeats over and over in their dealings with others or discordant experiences, and every time they deny their responsibility in the matter, they wall them Selfs off more and more until eventually they’re full time sleepwalkers projecting all responsibility onto others!

Had I not been a napper myself, through my divorce and subsequent failures, and not become vulnerable enough to see myself for my contribution for my mess, I might have chosen to warp the truth and be slumbering right now with the other lefties!  

Never fully asleep, but certainly in relationships my life would have deteriorated, despite my attempts to get others to think differently about me.  Righties don’t need or use crowd control nor do they require commiseration to manipulate others, that’s the full time job of the lefties!


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