Outward Examples of Internal Egocentric Left Brain Dominance

Conspiracy Theory Focused: When an unaware individual does not possess the information required to formulate an explanation that the “Norm” would assume to be an acceptable explanation, their left mind (not suitable for legitimately searching for and synthesizing truths and knowledge) necessarily fills in the gaps to soothe the irrational fear generated by their ego.

Frequent Frustration: the habitual projection of ones needs onto the external environment, causes the unaware to reactively enter into a sympathetic nervous system induced “Flight or Flight” response. This is mediated by left minds’ egocentric adaptive instinctual drive, and is activated when events do not turn out as the individual had hoped or wished for.

Fear of the Unknown and Change: When the future is not easily predictable and ones’ safety and security is perceived to be precarious, fear ensues leading to unpredictable behavior.

Social Control: the externally focused left minded, must control the interactions between their various social relationships.  That is, their persona must be intact and they would never allow others to “think” about them otherwise.  This drives the unaware to manage others through lobbying, cajoling and point by point legalistic pseudo-logic based arguments.


When these phenomena become chronically employed, many left minded individuals will present with mental or physical dis-ease that is the result of the continual release of endogenous corticosteroids and catecholamine release, effectively lowering ones ability to heal while simultaneously taxing their cardiovascular system.

To modulate their loss of psychic energy and the discordant feelings associated with the overwhelm that results from the experience of these phenomena, the egocentric left mind drives the unaware to seek unhealthy, albeit socially acceptable and socially reinforced, venting mechanisms.  

As in all addictions, the adrenergic neurotransmitter dopamine, soothes the unaware individual. However, their egocentrically driven modality of choice, does not socially label them as “bad”, as they themselves necessarily judge those with more socially contemptible predilections.  

In this way they maintain their perceived social status, are relieved of the drudgery of any legitimately vulnerable introspection and maintain their feeling of safety and security as they warp their irrational and often reprehensible behavior.

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