Counting Sheep…helps you fall Asleep

Behavior is defined as a response to the environment.

Instinctually, social grouping is normal.

When frightened, running and joining the group serves as protection, there is safety in numbers.

When one decides to move, the rest will follow, even if it is not a good idea. 

If one is harmed, the one who moved will not be trusted or followed again.

This learning style is modeled, even from birth.

Following an effective leader, is key for survival.

A Social tendency, provides for safety and security.  

When alone, or there are no others are in sight, survival is threatened inducing anxiety, agitation and fear.

In groups one can relax and be more easily led

Over the centuries, grouping has resulted in less aggressive populations.

Surviving in isolation is highly unlikely today.

Sense Perceptions and Behavior

Sensing dangers in ones environment, allows for less pain, trauma and increases the chances for survival for the individual and the group.

Experience, keen sense perceptions and instinctual adaptations allow for less deviation in daily living and predictability. 

Any newly sensed perceptions, are to be considered highly suspect and potentially dangerous.

Did I mention this is normal behavior, 

as described by Behavioral Scientists, for Sheep!

Human Behavior

Unlike Sheep, Humans possess a conscious awareness that gifts them with an empowering “Consciousness of Self”, or burdens them with a fearful “Self Consciousness”.

Other animals do not possess the ability to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and their relationship to it, nor do they concern themselves with comparing themselves to the sheep in front of them and wonder if their ass is too fat.

However, humans can and do behave very much like lower animals, such as the aforementioned sheep, when they are immature or are in an acute state of fear.  

When that state of fear is intentionally reinforced in ones culture and pervasive in their daily environment, a chronic, albeit unconscious, state of fear often results.

Our instinct to survive and adapt can cause us to display a behavior that can very much mimic the behavior of sheep, or to kill in order not to be killed.

The burden of human sentience, particularly when our culture and role-models themselves are sheepish, or know all to well how to keep sheep in flocks, tends to produce more Self Conscious than Conscious of Self individuals.

Over time to behave as a sheep is not only normal, it is lauded as virtue and emulated by the many.   

“It’s the sheep that think for themselves that cause all the problems, right?!”

Still, that damn feeling that something is missing!  That troublesome reoccurring thought, that there is something more!  

Interior Monologue 

Am I crazy?  

Maybe I have that new form of depression or perhaps I’m bipolar?  

(But we must keep it quiet as we don’t want to rock the boat and be trouble makers)

Wait!  My friend read a new self-help book and she lost 18 pounds and is taking sailing lessons, maybe I should learn to sail!  

I really should start to read more, I can’t remember the last time I read a damn book!  

I did like to read about psychology in college, but I don’t have the time these days, what with my busy life and all! 

What the….!  The Smith’s next door got a new BMW?!?

He doesn’t make that kinda money!   He’s such an over-spender!  Always trying to impress everybody. Talk about shallow!

I wonder if there are any good new movies out?……

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