Semantics: Meanings of Words, Thoughts from the Left and the Right Minds

Is it any wonder we can’t see “Eye to Eye”? 👀


Left:  protects me from unwanted experiences, people and feelings that cause me to feel bad about myself.

Right: I do not project my needs onto the external, I retain all of my focus and do not allow superfluous information or counterfeits, distract my attention or intention.


Left: a feeling I get when another makes me feel special, it’s like butterflies, it’s difficult to explain.  I know it the minute I feel it!

Right: I See people as they truly are.  How can I not feel compassion, empathy and love for all life?  


Left:  I am a very giving person.  It is frustrating though, when I work so hard to try to give to someone to make them feel special and they don’t even notice it!

Right: giving is living, when I get fearful I feel uneasy and can tend to retract from my natural state of giving and receiving.  


Left: I was very fortunate to be raised in a home that taught me values and the right way to live.  I also attended a private school growing up that reinforced those beliefs.  A strong consistent structure and foundation is a gift and my children will be learning the exact same thing!

Right: I live in the now, experientially through recognizing truth and beauty, as my intuition and synthesized knowledge lead me.


Left: I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes that I’m not proud of.  It’s difficult to talk about them, but I can tell you now, I won’t be making those same mistakes again!

Right: it’s incredible but it seems like everyday another piece of the puzzle snaps into place, making my view a bit more clear.


Left: I learned so much from my family and when I was in college.  It’s really helped me get to where I am today.
Right: I am fascinated by so many things.  In college I kinda just jumped through the hoops I thought I needed to, but now I live in perpetual wonder.  I read a lot, but it’s putting it all together that drives me.


Left: I wish I had paid more attention when I was in college, but the experience was still a good one.  There are many people that know more than I do, but I can hold my own and we all have our place in this world.

Right:  I actually remember uttering these words in my junior year of college, “I think I know everything there is to know about science!”  Wow!  Now I know how little I truly know, but I will continue to acquire knowledge until the day I die.


Left: it’s so nice to have somebody listen to me and actually pay attention to the things I care about.  I know a few people that like to “think outside the box” as it were, I think they’re mostly insecure and trying to impress people with their big words and such.

Right: there is nothing more profound than two souls dispensing with all egocentric pretense and just being together in the moment.  Those moments are what I yearn for the most!

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