Changing my opinion of a soul I have loved is not easy for me as my opinion is not based upon the opinion of others, only my own.

No matter the cries I hear, I do not give another deference when it comes to deciding another’s integrity or truthfulness.

When I began to discover the ongoing lapses of integrity, in a woman I had known for nearly a quarter century, I found my own integrity lapsing in my inability to believe what I knew to be true deep down.

I initially, despite the enormity of her breach, continued to stick by her even when she replaced my presence in her life within but 14 days, she warping, denying, justifying all the while.

Even after the assault and separation, I lobbying for her unyielding honor, as her supposed best friend had forsook her was to no avail, as neither seemed to put too much work into saving their supposed bond.

The tragedy of the weakness of self, is that it can be so easily cast upon ones posterity and is both horrific and humbling, so easily warped and dismissed as but a path change for the shirking cowardly transgressor.

Since I have withdrawn my affections and respect from the one I would have so willingly given my life for, the shrugs I see, are both continuous and embarrassingly obvious.  It is now my children I weep for.

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