We are asking the Wrong Questions!

We are stuck in the wrong paradigm, so we ask the wrong questions!  

The Left Mind Paradigm

Thomas Kuhn, innovator of the concept of Paradigm Shift

The concept of a Paradigm, like all important words is Misused in the left mind world we live in today: quantum mechanics, the standard model, relativity, are all paradigms that shifted thinking forward when an anomaly could not be explained by the old paradigm.


The accepted theories, values and scientific practices within which a particular field of science operates.  Today the entire Scientific Method is a Paradigm, that while itself own existence is predicated on the very presence of consciousness, denies that it is a factor or important, because science cannot measure or study consciousness within its left minded empirical framework.  

Kuhn, how a Paradigm is Shifted (6 stages)
1. An Anomaly: an inexplicable observation is observed, you cannot explain with the current thinking
2. Initially the anomaly is ignored, or rejected
3. Try to explain within existing paradigm
4. A new paradigm is proposed in which the Anomaly is resolved
5. The establishment rejects the new model, often ridicules its proponents 
6. The new paradigm is accepted.

At First it’s ridiculed; Second, it’s opposed; Third, it is regarded as self-evident

-Arthur Schopenhauer, on Genius Innovation:

“A new scientific truth does not triumph be convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die.”

-Max Planck

Goethe’s Morphological approach to the study of nature, led Einstein and Tesla among others, to bring about paradigm shifts that eventually changed the thinking of our planet and the entire universe. Discovering the Primary Phenomenon, or Urphanomen, of what one is studying prior to any empirical investigation, requires higher levels of awareness and intuition as only the right mind can afford the investigator(s).  Science as currently practiced leaves the wheat and righteously gathers the chaff, reinforcing a cultural trend that provides magic for the linear minded masses but continues to enslave them.  

Thought experiments may seem like hocus pocus, but the beam of light that Einstein imagined with his imaginative right mind was more real than the false joy generated by the next iPhone release.

The Big (M)Mind: The Heart (Right Mind): the Synthesizer, Meaning, perceptions, imagination, memory, feelings, sensations, intuition, emotions

The little (m)mind (left mind): It thinks and it reasons. It Projects it’s reality onto the external material world which can never truly be known as our brains can only form a representation of reality.  Our culture is focused then on changing the external and believes a new mate, a faster car or better paying job will enhance their life experience.  Ones energy is circuited away from the higher integrative view to the base singular view, robbing our experience and enslaving the soul in the process.  Changing our internal world is much more challenging for the entrenched left minded than changing their external world, but can we truly live, experience and love as Zombies?

Zombie: looks and acts like a human but has no consciousness. 

In the Epic of Gilgamesh (2100 BC), the goddess Ishtar promises,

“I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,

I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,

and will let the dead go up to eat the living! (Aware Right Mind)

And the dead will outnumber the living!” (Unaware Left Mind)

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