The Fruit of our Labors

Synthesizing, integrating, our eyes wide open, recognizing truth through beauty and emotions, and discerning the common thread that unites the whole, is the natural drive and intention that the “multi-processing” right mind yearns to show us through experiencing the “Now”.  Putting the peices of the puzzle together, absent the parsing out of the particulars, is the genius that lies sadly dormant and suppressed in so many.

Parsing, measuring, deconstructing, counting, defining, separating, looking for details, categorizing, comparing and employing reason and logic in a rational systematic fashion, these are the skills and functions of the left side of the brain.  We require these abilities to survive and to maintain our body’s physical health and safety.  Without the left mind our bodies couldn’t live for long, allowing our higher human gifts to flourish.

The left mind memorizes facts in individual packets, as it is wired to focus on one data stream at a time being as a serial processor.  It can concentrate intently on anylizing the minutiae of objects, allowing us to figure how things work and how we might use them.  Why they exist and where they fit into the whole of nature and life, is the brilliance of the right mind, not the left.

The right mind communicates with the left mind, and integrates pertinent data that the left mind provides it.  By synthesizing data provided by the analytical left mind, the right mind effortlessly assimilates newly acquired information in an intuitive and meaningful memory base.  In this way memory is easily retrievable and available for easy use and subsequent modifications, as new truths are intuitively added from data provided by the left mind.

In this way, we accurately and necessarily acquire a contextualized and universal understanding of reality, and can intuit new knowledge by predicting what is missing from the whole.

The right mind doesn’t require logic or reason, nor is it rational per se, these modalities are conventions that have been societally reinforced by so many left minded reasonable men and women as a way for us to live wisely and happily.  

The right mind doesn’t operate on conventions that the left mind must contrive in order to cope in this left of center world that we all toil in.  Its’ functions and exists in an effortless flow of “Be”ing, sans the discipline, striving and unbridled ambition, it exists in the moment just funneling consciousness accurately.
One can learn to strengthen their right mind, and harness the left, in deference to the right.  An omnipresent awareness and an ongoing daily practice of feeding the creative and flow needs of the right mind, allow it to assume the leadership role in our lives.

The myriad of rules and structures that society imposes on us, causes most of us to sacrifice intuitiion, inspirations, and creative gifts, and to surrender to the reason and techniques that the left mind must employ to cope.

When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden for breaking the only law that could lead to their separation from God, it was because they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  

Traditionally, as left minded interpreters have explained this myth, they “sinned” against God and thus “separated” themselves from God, it was their “choice” not Gods.  After Eve had taken the bite, they were both “ashamed” of their nakedness and “hid” from God.  Then they were ostracized and told they would have to “work” the land and “toil” for their life.

Adam and Eve, the act of eating the quince yielded fruit that is still collectively providing our sustenance today.  

The writer of this myth illustrates perfectly what his right mind could intuitively channel thousands of years ago and what we can access today in the flash of an eye.  

Albert Einstein envisioned himself riding a beam of light towards a clock tower, and only then summoned his left mind to fill in the blanks, and changed the world forever.

Johann Goethe, while walking through a garden in Italy, had a flash of insight that provided Darwin the key to his unlocking of evolutionary processes and inspiring genius in so many!

Nikola Tesla awoke from a dream and sketched out an AC motor in the sand with a stick, no toil or reasoning required.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”, Einstein quipped.  That sounds real nice but let’s roll up our sleeves and get some real work done, is the response of the dominant left mind of the masses.  The ego usurping control of the very human endowment that provides life its’ potency, meaning, flavor and passion might seem reasonable but it is because of this PowerPlay that we toil!


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