Feed Your Ego: Edit

What do false-selfs (Ego’s) eat?
They need a well balanced diet, to remain healthy and in control of a persons life.

The Main Course: FEAR!

Their “Bread and Butter”! (What they don’t know they fear)

They are externally focused and project their deeper internal needs onto others and circumstances, and lucky for them things go wrong a lot.  This unconsciously constructed fear generating machine yields much emotion and drama that is their daily sustenance.  The irony is that much energy is spent trying to block fear of the known, like loss of property and money.  The energy spent in trying to control any losses of their things, consumes all of the energy they produce with this fear generating mechanism!

Further, because or their irrational fear of the unknown, they’d actually prefer not to know, as this makes them feel falsely safe and secure!  This explains why so few people take the time to seek Knowledge of themselves or the world in general.  The stresses that they have imposed upon themselves, in the dramas of daily living keep them running just to keep up.  Taking the time to learn about those things that truly matter, is dismissed with a Woulda, shoulda or coulda, or more commonly brushed away with the banal but socially acceptable magical spell of, “I’m too busy”.

Side Dishes

Offenses, anger and resentments

When the egocentric feels slighted, energy in the form of a self generated offense is unconsciously created, providing them another reason to act as if an emergency or crisis must be handled.  Their intention, though a counterfeit, provides them with a sense of purpose or meaning, both acutely as they must quell what they feel, while any “leftovers” can be invested in interest bearing resentments which can be “withdrawn” at a later date.

Going for Seconds, or perhaps a snack

Fishing for compliments

Unconsciously the egocentric dress, talk, and behave, in ways that are meant to attract attention to themselves.  They may require many lures, depending on their energy consumption requirements.  But if you look and listen they will always be dangling a lure anxiously waiting for someone to take the bait.
All of these energy creating mechanisms are unconscious and would be vehemently denied if the egocentric were told about them.  They aren’t the type of people that would do such a thing!  They will indignantly fire back!  

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