No Reason, only Being!

“The harder I tried to concentrate, the more fleeting my ideas seemed to be. 

Instead of finding answers and information, I met a growing sense of peace. 

In place of that constant chatter that had attached me to the details of my life, I felt enfolded by a blanket of tranquil euphoria. 

How fortunate I was that the portion of my brain that registered fear, my amygdala, had not reacted with alarm to these unusual circumstances and shifted me into a state of panic. 

As the language centers in my left hemisphere grew increasingly silent and I became detached from the memories of my life, I was comforted by an expanding sense of grace. 

In this void of higher cognition and details pertaining to my normal life, my consciousness soared into an all-knowingness, a “being at one” with the universe, if you will. 

In a compelling sort of way, it felt like the good road home and I liked it.
I paused for a moment, in search of some guidance or profound insight. 

In the wisdom of my dementia, I understood that my body was, by the magnificence of its biological design, a precious and fragile gift. 

It was clear to me that this body functioned like a portal through which the energy of who I am can be beamed into a three-dimensional external space.

This cellular mass of my body had provided me with a marvelous temporary home. 

This “amazing brain had been capable of integrating literally billions of trillions of bits of data, in every instant, to create for me a three-dimensional perception of this environment that actually appeared to be not only seamless and real, but also safe. 

Here in this delusion, I was mesmerized by the efficiency of this biological matrix as it created my form, and I was awed by the simplicity of its design.”

-Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

(Harvard Neuroscientist, experiencing a left brain temporal stroke and functioning only with her Right Mind)

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