“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.”  I have used this line many times in my life, and I’m certain there have been many that have cast that very sentiment onto me, though I wouldn’t have had a clue what they were eluding to at the time.  

Two people can describe one another with the exact same thought or word, though the two mechanisms that generated the same idea twice are anything but similar.  

One awake, the other still dreaming, but the conclusion the same.  This seeming paradox is the fruit of succumbing to the imposter who, though in constant communication with one who must integrate truthfully, refuses to submit because its’ fears of the unknown.

Like a turtle who’s only defense is retracting into the shell that it must eternally tote on its back, literally blocking from truly knowing, is the fate of those who reflexively lead with the protective apparatus of their ego.   

Too much pain perceived in a life of trials from ones side, an adventure that has refined, elevated and released from the other.  How can two souls riding the same roller coaster have such disparate experiences? 

The idea of risk then, what a perversion of its’ true intention the left mind casts upon this vital life giving instrument.  To risk is to reach beyond where we have gone before, to vulnerably expose ones’ possible weaknesses and either succeed or fail.  Without risk, can we truly live?

The protection that our adaptive instincts provide us, can extend our days of this blessing we call life, but a pulse alone is no proof of life!  

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