To answer any or all of the most profound questions that vex us, we first must determine how we go about answering them, that is what methodology are we employing to frame our inquiry.

We cannot limit ourselves to any one specific ideology or technique when approaching the most challenging dilemmas of existence.

The ubiquitous myopia that we can objectively know “only what we can measure or sense tangibly”, is a necessary byproduct of the unaware tendency that is both part of perceiving ourselves as primarily physical beings, and the inexorable inertia fueled by the machine that is the Scientific Method.     

We must allow our imaginations to rise above the gravitational pull that the many and the rules of Science burden us with, while still lending our ideas to the scrutiny of other truth searchers.

The “Quantum” leaps in human “knowledge” have always come from our uniquely human intuitive abilities, not in analyzing the data points. The data that results from the genius, that we first intuit, is how we confirm the knowledge gleaned from our higher intuitive powers, not the inverse operation.

The first question that would occur to me when confronting the “Hard Problem” of Consciousness, is why?  Why are we conscious, what purpose does it serve and why do we want to know? 

We must characterize how consciousness, in all of its’ manifestations, benefits, restricts, elevates and influences we humans in all of our various externally stratified expressions.  Only then will our higher intuitive gifts bring light to our comprehension of the phenomenon of consciousness.

2 thoughts on “Consciousness?!?”

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