Max:  a belated movie review

Considering that Adolph Hitler was responsible for over 12,000,000 million deaths, having watched the theatrical presentation “Max”, I would’ve never imagined that it could be so.  This small neurotic man, so intent on being a painter, an artist, and then he bewitching the minds of such a prominent nation as Germany, seems beyond the wildest imaginings of the most creative soul.  How such a non-significant corporal in the First World War, could be elevated to the level of “Furer”, and the savior of a major Western sovereign seems beyond unlikely.  

But then one must consider the need of the many to believe, to be inspired, to be elevated above their own precarious lot, one should consider the lesson.  Germany was in the throws of an economic crisis when the Nazi party offered a solution that was outside the thinking of those that had ruled since the times of the vast Prussian empire.  The third reich sounds so ludicrous in hindsight, but as in the Great Depression, that our own nation so painfully experienced, perspective means so much.

When a nation with a great history like Germany feels like it is hemorrhaging , as evidenced by the seemingly irrational acquiescence of its’ citizenry, we necessarily judge them too harshly.  Though we ourselves were not a proximate cause to the horrors of slavery, it was accepted as normal by so many that benefitted from its’ advantages.  Yes, in retrospect the horrors of the fascist Nazi party and Hitlers vision were reprehensible, but should we consider his atrocities as so outside the norm from a historical perspective, or should we consider his psychopathy a lesson?

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