Noodling Consciousness (Inbetwixt Root CanalsšŸ˜‰)

The Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness requires at least one other consciousness to exist, for in isolation, consciousness “itself” cannot exist.

Consciousness itself then, is the inspiration for and the mechanism through which consciousness can experience itself in all of its’ infinite expressions.

Evolution, is the mechanism through which consciousness propels life forward so as to experience more evolved, or enhanced expressions of itself.  

Consciousness, by its’ very nature is dynamic and thus dependent on growth, on expansion, and on propelling itself forward, lest it be static and lose its vitality, contradicting its’ very purpose and Nature.

Human Life and Emotions:

We are all composed of the unknowable substance of the consciousness that manifested all that is, and is all that is.

During our life experience we possess a temporal illusory individual (separated from source) consciousness, as a necessary condition of our brains’ contextual perceptive apparatus and by our physical boundaries we perceive, because of it.

This phenomenon is deliberate and is the mechanism through which we are able to feel emotions, which is the primary intent of life itself.

Though many of the emotions we experience, in our brief but precious Space-Time existence, are perceived as negative and to be avoided, all emotions are of infinite value, as this entire universe was deliberately made manifest for the purpose of consciousness experiencing them!

Judgements, the Source of Conflict

The value judgements that we place on things, is only a human contrivance that is assumed by the masses.  

Though seemingly benign or even life affirming, the act of judging and the associated labeling systems of “good-bad” or “black and white”, is the source of great human confusion, leading to the apparent duality and paradoxical nature of our individual existence.  

The idea that a manifestation of the same consciousness, judging and separating itself, is antithetical to the nature of consciousness.

Similarly, as we label we also define, thereby arbitrarily setting the limits and the boundaries for the acceptable and nonacceptable expression of ourselves and others.

This phenomenon separates our souls further from one another and in separating, creates ongoing conflict between now competing interests of what one defines as good and the other as bad.

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