Owning Your Life

Until a person can unconditionally make the following statement, they express as but a “representation” of who they really are and what they could be.

I am fully responsible for every thought, action, interaction, and aspect of my life experience.  

I do not blame, complain, unconsciously project my problems onto others, or compare myself to others for the value of who I am.  

In social situations I have full access to my self and do not allow discordant experiences and the opinions of others influence my thoughts or behavior.

I think for myself and when I require more information to make a decision, I seek to fill in my knowledge gaps from reliable sources. I am fully able to parse out the pertinent information and assimilate it into my existing critical thinking apparatus, so that I can confidently move forward.

No matter the person, I do not let them choose for me, I consider their ideas and when I notice a blind spot, I integrate the new revelation accurately into my existing construct so that I can express truthfully as best I can.

I know I will fail continually until the day that I depart this life experience, but from this day until that, I choose to experience life, the pleasant and the unpleasant, no matter what short term ego losses I experience along the way.” 

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