Brain Processing

The primary confusion that frustrates the egocentric left minds of the many, as it relates to to the concept of the ego itself is illustrated in the way the two minds process information so differently.

As a result of employing the left minds resources, to lead and manage ones life, most important concepts are flip flopped, as they have unwittingly sacrificed their most important Human endowments of intuition, discernment and empathy.  

The course of least resistance is to “put her on autopilot”, and because everyone else is doing it, it must be the right thing to do is the illogical logic of the supposed logical left mind.  The linear based reasoning apparatus becomes corrupted by areas of brain chatter, poor memory retention, comparing themselves to others and a sense of overwhelm that results from their inability to view the whole.  

Though nearly every decision they make and action they take, is predicated on the self-preservation mechanism that the ego itself was intended to overtake only in times of acute threats, as the “Flight or Fight” mechanism.  

Further their habitual sense of fear “addicts” them to the sympathetic release of adrenalin and dopamine, masking the more profound effects of true connection that serotonin and oxytocin reinforce as mediated by the right brains “empathy center”.

It’s not difficult to Imagine a little confusion between the two polar opposite mechanisms of functioning and consequent misunderstandings.

Right Mind: Imagines in Pictures

Synthesizes multiple streams of sensory information simultaneously, as they burst into our brain via each of our sensory systems.

It Creates a Master Collage in the Moment of what each moment looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like, feels like.

It Creates Meaning by attaching sensations, thoughts, emotions and physiological responses to a richly contextualized memory.

No Time Exists, Only the Now: our perception and experience of something greater than ourselves is omnipresent, a feeling of Perpetual Wonder.

Lucid and Contextual Memory: we remember isolated moments with uncanny clarity and accuracy.  Complex mental collages can be recalled in their entirety as combinations of images, movements and feelings.

Interconnectedness: the boundaries between separate entities are softened and we sense our connection to the whole and it to us, we relate to the space around us and our relationship to that space. 

Awareness of the Big Picture: it eliminates unnecessary rules and regulations that been defined by others and connects the dots of the intention behind them.  The pieces of the puzzle fall into place effortlessly.  

Empathy: all is one, we are all equal, recognizes similarities, empathy is processed in the right frontal cortex

Left Mind: Thinks in Language; Ego

Deconstructs the rich contextualized collage of the right brain, and sequentially organizes and compares the details of the parts, thus constructing the present moment from details of the last moment.

Linear construct and methodical reconfiguration: manifests as our concept of time, and moments are divided into past, present and future, with a predictable temporal cadence.

External Control: defines, describes in details, breaking down experience into manageable pieces into order to control its’ external reality. 

Story Teller: it thrives on weaving facts and details into stories, though because it thinks in particulars, it has many gaps in memory and understanding.  It unconsciously fills in the gaps with contrived data.  It gets hung up on whether the shoes were blue or yellow, leading to frustration, but because the detail seems trivial it is glossed over.  This mechanism leads to poor memory recall and loss of trust in ones ability to rely their own decision making.

Center of the Ego: the left mind by virtue of its defining characteristic, of defining, defines the self as, “I Am”!  As it naturally categorizes into hierarchies, it staunchly makes its preferences known, judges what it likes and doesn’t like and what is good and bad.  Consequently, it compares itself to others judging its’ and others relative worth.

Brain Chatter“- the language center, repeats over and over the details of ones life so they can remember them.  Ironically, the left mind doesn’t store information accurately so details do change over time.

Autopilot: “Loops of Though Patterns”, “Programs of Pattern Recognition”

The left mind creates many neurological circuits that run automatically, stimulated by any given sensory information.  These are employed to interpret large volumes of incoming information with minimal attention or thought.  Allows assumptive, generalized predictions of how one should think, feel or act based upon pre-determined looped experience.  This mechanism does save large amounts of psychic energy expenditures, as no thought or worry need be wasted. 

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