Once again, the multitude of connotations that one might conjure from the idea of creativity, illustrates the limitations and restrictions of words and language, when attempting to convey such a vital and life-affirming notion that can only truly be known through sensual experience.  

From the highly regulated unidimensional legalistic view, (which is literally the only choice for those who lead with their left mind) any attempt to use logic and reason to define a word, that itself is illogical and unreasonable, is the very “definition” of inanity.   

Only from the synthetic holistic view can we even begin to approach the depths and importance of the intention behind the idea of creativity.  

Because we are a culture of techniques, the idea of creativity has largely been reduced to painting by numbers, and something to pushed onto or veneered over children whose very nature is the living expression of creativity!

We need no lessons or examples, only to let loose that which is yearning to flow out of each of our very souls!

Because creativity requires an infinite tether to be fully realized, and because we are so tightly hemmed in as a culture, creativity is the rarest of commodities.  

Despite the cries of those who profess the want of creativity in their companies, or organizations, a free spirit not beholden to anyone or anything is compulsory for creativity to burst out of the soul.

Creativity is synonymous with genius, as it Is always novel and not known before it is made manifest by the individual or the observer.   

*As I ponder this uniquely human endowment, I realize how many times I’ve heard others tell me that they aren’t creative.  While that sentiment is beyond ludicrous, as we all create continually, I think I understand what they are trying to tell me.  They have been told they aren’t creative or when they have attempted to be creative, they have been criticized or compared to another who was deemed to be superior in their creations.  

Judgement once again, spills it’s mephitic venom on the soul of another vulnerable babe!  Is it any wonder why so many are fearful of risk and of fully expressing themselves?

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