The Jungle Book

News Flash!

“A ten year old boy is found living in the jungles of India,

dressed only in a loin cloth and was apparently living with Wolves!”

Thanks go out to the kindnesses of the wealthy Jones family of Denver Colorado, who have agreed to raise little Mogli as their own.

Mr. Jack Jones, a self-made multi-millionaire, was himself an orphan, and was overwhelmed for the plight of Mogli when he first heard of his homelessness.

Mogli, once sleeping in the dirt surrounded by a pack of wild animals, now has his own bed and bedroom, and though he doesn’t quite understand what an Xbox is yet, I’m sure he’ll be having the time of his life in short order.

Mogli now learning English, will be attending the St. Claire Academy next year, one of the finest and oldest private schools in the Western United States.

Mr. Jones commented that Mogli has a keen interest in knowing about so many things and,

“For a child with such a unprivileged upbringing, this kid really seems bright! I found him building things with some Legos I had purchased for him, and wow!, though he can’t speak English very well, he has quite an imagination! Now if we can just teach him how to make his bed! Haha

We still haven’t discovered how he came to be living alone in the jungle. And though we’ve looked extensively for who his parents might be, no luck yet. My guess is by the brains and imagination this kid has, his parents must have been very intelligent and must have been heartbroken to lose so charming a boy.

I myself started out as an electrical engineer and I can spot a scientific mind when I see one. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were running things around here one day! Haha

I am going to raise Mogli like my own son and money is of no concern of course, I want him to have all of the things and experiences that he has been deprived of and show him what it is to be loved and live in a country where anyone with a little hard work can be and have anything they want. I think the future looks prettybright for little Mogli!

News Flash!

“Mogli Jones, the 14 year old son of Wealthy Industrialist Jack Jones of Denver Colorado, after escaping from Danville Mental Hospital, where he was being treated for general depression, bipolar disorder and delusional thinking, was found dead of self-inflicted knife wounds early this morning.

Though not available for comment,

Mr. Joneses Spokesman did say the family is greatly distressed, and though Mogli had been having a tough time lately because of the transition into normal society, this event was both unpredictable and a shame.”

What a Shocker!

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