Demystifying The Human Paradox

We humans do like get caught up in our dizzying brilliant plans and strategies, 

but It’s never the Plan, it’s the Intention,

it’s never the Goal, it’s the Journey!

These sentiments, like so many quotes, platitudes and cute stories, though omnipresent literally and figuratively in our world, are rarely known and thier antithetical expressions perfectly illustrates the confusion of just allowing our Intuitive mind lead us, or acquiescing to the path of least resistance and getting lost in the particular.

The problems that plague humanity, always emanate from the same source, Imbalance.

Homeostasis, or maintaining internal biological balance, is achieved effortlessly by the multitude of automatic processes that our body performs behind the scenes without us even knowing it.

Like an airplane, our body is designed to effortlessly “right itself”, specifically without our willful intervention.

We don’t willfully command lymphocytes and neutrophils to attack invading streptococcal bacteria that have broken through our lines of integumentary defenses.  Often the alarm is sounded well after the breach, in the form of pain and inflammation that eventually draws our awareness to it, so that we may consciously tend to our dis-ease.

We humans have been endowed with an awareness of ourself and our relation to the world.

This gift allows us to focus our awareness as we consciously intend, or not.

This ability is both our greatest gift and our greatest burden. 

If we allow the focus of our awareness to be drawn outside of ourselves, towards the slight variations of our environment, or inside ourselves to our changing moods, slight discomforts and their associated feelings; our greatest gift of “focused intended awareness” can become caught up in the trivialities of life, as we sacrifice its’ higher uses to perfunctory ones.

This manifests in a psychic imbalance; 

caused by the hyper-vigilance of maintaining optimum conditions of ones external environment, in lieu of the more important spiritual internal one.  

Controlling the organization of ones physical environs, though appearing to be a much easier operation than tending to ones internal spiritual world, sets us on the path to losing our spark, our imagination, our passion and our dreams that fueled us in our youth.

Though few will admit this, as the many are required to reconfigure this truth to cope in life, but they become bound the moment ones deference is granted to the proximate over the infinite.


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