Artificial Intelligence 

I was watching a TED Talk the other day about the exciting future of Artificial Intelligence.  I’ve found some of these talks to be extremely interesting and enlightening.  This particular talk was perhaps the most intriguing ever.  Though the talk from beginning to end was moronic, I’ve never had so much insight.

This man yarned on and on about the salvation that was Artificial Intelligence and how awesome our lives would be in the next 25 years.  

Of course the typical magical talk about Moore’s Law and how computers double in their speed and storage every 23 minutes and other spells were cast with unconscious regularity.

His selling points:

*Computers would do all of our difficult tasks for us.

*Innovation would be left up to computers, freeing our time up for all of the really important tasks that we have.

*All drugs would be designed by computers, so we wouldn’t need any creative thinkers to slowly waste their time trying to save lives, or enhance big Pharma profits.

*Oh boy!  The cool virtual reality games!  We can completely be released from our reality and escape completely!

Need I say more?  Isn’t Artificial Intelligence already a reality?😉

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