Common Manifestations of Egoism:

The Ego is fueled by the animal adaptive instinct.  Self-preservation and survival are its primary objective.  

Because humans possess superior intellect and the ability to act, as compared to lower animals, this protective adaptation can be difficult to discern, especially for those who commonly employ their ego defenses.

Meaning and the “Why” behind the thought, feeling, emotion and action is of no concern to our adaptive mechanism, and is in fact impossible for the neural architecture under which the ego operates.  

Fear from perceived threats alone drives these processes and creates a chronic state of cortisol and epinephrine release, leading to lowered levels of immune protection and dis-ease. 

We all employ some of these egocentric mechanisms, it is our awareness and noticing when we are employing our ego defenses that determines if we are under the chronic control of the ego.

*All Fear that prevents action: Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown, etc..

*Being Too Busy…or Unavailable when needed

*Inability, or outright refusal to admit responsibility or accountability 

*Minimizing how ones actions effect others

*Over use of reason, logic and rational thought

*Controlling others 

*Excessive Brain Chatter

*Untrusting, Paranoia, looking for others angles, fear of being duped

*Deference to money over people

*Deference to supporters, validation and commiseration over Truth

*Unaware: Thinking, Feeling, “Behavior Loops” (Autopilot)

*Poor Memory Recall

*Slow processing times

*Difficulty understanding complex ideas


*Lack of empathy 


*Inability to be alone, or assert ones opinion


*Arguing to be right or to prove another they are wrong.

*Worries about money and possible losses of possessions, safety, or security.

*Comparing oneself to others, blaming, complaining, criticizing, judging

*Lack of Creativity, imagination and reliance on others to solve ones problems

*Any responsibility projected onto others including spouse, boss, authority figures

*Hyper-vigilant control of ones environment: tidying, clean freak, obsessive or any other compulsive behaviors

*Legalism: point by point arguing, deferring to rule over intention behind the rule

*Focusing on the particulars, not wanting to know what is true, or unknowing 

*Lack of ability to discern, inability to read body language and other nonverbal nuances.

*Guilt, resentments, regrets, inability to forgive

*Chronic or reoccurring Mental and physical dis-ease

*Fostering an environment where even very healthy people seek to avoid them

*Tuning out of things that push ones current beliefs or world view over obvious truths.



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