(Left)   Parenting Styles   (Right)

Logical parents teach their children what is good and bad, right and wrong, and black and white.  A conscientious left minded parent will be very consistent with both holding their child’s attention on expected acceptable behaviors and with the corresponding reinforcement for poor “choices” on the child’s part. Though the child hasn’t experientially learned why something is good or bad, they are reasoned with to make them logically understand what to do and not do.  A child playing in the moment is snapped back into reality by the caring left minded parent and shown the error of her ways.  Much of this mentality, sans the corporal punishment of course, is the direct implementation of research performed by the eminent behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner.  Conditioned response  and positive reinforcement, studied mostly in laboratory mice and very effective in training animals, is the basis for training our children to have happy enriched lives. 

The intuitive focused parent seeks to ascertain how their child processes experience and emotions so as to best help guide them towards becoming who they are.   Having personal knowledge of how their own learning and emotions intermingle and therefore having access to high levels of empathy in the present moment, right minded parents are able to see their child and anticipate what the next step will be in their child’s personal creative development.  No generalizations and no square pegs forced into rounds holes in this natural imaginative unfolding of a little spirit into all that she wants to express. Independent critical thinkers are allowed to form in such a way.

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