Social Expression: A Hemispherical Perspective


The “Norm”al Left Mind Dominant Perspective


From the beginning of their social life they want to fit in – they focus on the particulars and details and therefore they naturally strategize by employing reason and logic to figures way how they can fit in by using the data from their analysis of their environment.


They survey their surroundings to find what is acceptable or what is the desired mode of expressing oneself in order to get their needs met, then they emulate that.


If they possess natural gifts, such as a desirable beauty or athletic ability, or if they are born into an affluent family that provides them with resources, then their socializing will require less striving early on in their school years. If not, they will compensate by over striving in one area or another to get their social acceptance needs met.



Behavior: Down to Earth

They Naturally Strive to find the rules of their environment and they adopt them and the constructs in which they are provided.


They set up standards of reason, logic, and determine what is good and bad (acceptable and unacceptable) behavior, as this strategy is reinforced by all institutions.


Internally they only want their acceptance, social, love and basic needs met.


Externally they strive to be a “Good Person” in the eyes of others, as this has been taught as acceptable behavior.


They see others as they see themselves and seek relationships that feel safe and secure, and rarely spend time by themselves outside the confines of a primary relationship.


They are, or would like to be, gregarious and be around many in social settings.



Abnormal Right Mind Dominant Perspective


From the beginning of social life they don’t fit in – this is not necessarily because others don’t accept them, though they often do not, but because they never internally feel like they fit in. They don’t see the world as everyone else does and cannot not relate to others in conversations about the particulars or about who likes who.


Because they intuit and see the big picture they must refuse to submit to to how others want them to conform, as that makes no sense to them. This is not driven by an external egocentric motivation or some disorder or dis-ease, as most suppose (and search to label and fix them), but by a purely internal one.


This mode of thinking can cause problems for them, as institutions require a standardized set of practices which are considered acceptable or unacceptable, and compliance is enforced. An individual is not only expected to comply, but rewarded if they acquiesce and punished if they do not. Most of these individuals eventually comply, setting them up for neurosis and other dis-eases.



Behavior: March to their own beat

They can appear inconsistent, spontaneous, are often loners and they necessarily set their own rules. This is often labeled as weird, strange or “different”. This behavior is driven by their constantly synthesizing mind which integrates sensual and experiential “in the Now” moments (in the present moment) which is often perceived as unacceptable (head in the clouds) behavior by others.


Depending on their success, as defined by the norm of their particular culture, they are given some latitude to express their inexplicable ability or more commonly managed in ways to “help” them express as normal.


In Reality, their Intuition forces them to stand for truth as they are compelled by the accurate discerning and integrating mechanism of their multi-sensory perceptive, storage and retrieval apparatus. This is not the egocentric mechanism that so many left minded dominant suppose, but a struggle to stand for truth, and express their Art.


They must actively distort their integrated behavior in order to get some perceived social need(s) met, but as the right mind cannot so easily repress breaches in integrity as the left mind can (The left mind is constructed to automatically reconfigure discordant experiences), this can lead to spontaneous unhealthy behaviors or acute depression.


They retain their own Internalized Ideals and are creative

They view others as unique and seek to expand their view of them.

Socially they have one or a few close friends and may or may not marry.




The Fruit of our Compliance

The truth of the matter is that all people naturally yearn to express from their creative right mind dominantly, but because that has been made very clear that that is not acceptable, they don’t. Those who have retained their right mind dominance are actively pushed to the periphery of acceptable society and those who conform are locked into an externally focused mentality. This entire phenomenon is a result of millennia of the ambitious exerting their influence on the masses in order to amass wealth, while fostering an environment of relative peace amongst the masses that amass their wealth for them.


Because the left mind can only focus on the particular, it is not difficult for those in power to keep them relatively peaceful and compliant. From the perspective of those who can only see the particular, though they may have some unrealized aspirations, things are pretty good and after all who are they to complain? This mentality forms the perfect citizenry to be dazzled with new amazing gadgets and to be thankful for what their parental-surrogates in the form of government and private institutions, provide them.




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