Communicating: Edit

As it is always my intention to have valuable connecting communications with all I choose to invest my time into, there are a few successful communication insights I’ve found.

The way somebody says something and their “body language” is much more revealing than a single word that they say.  To discern the more subtle, but more important truth behind the word, one requires a high degree of self-awareness and must maintain all of their focus without losing their center.  Do not allow the environment, or the one you are attempting to communicate with hold any part of your focus, or connection will be compromised.

One of the deepest needs of the soul is to be understood, and by earnestly wanting to understand someone, they can often sense that you do.  This lowers their threshold of resistance and connection becomes easier and more profound.

This whole operation, when practiced often and intentionally, fosters a deeper understanding of people and you begin to like and become more intrigued by other people.  It’s a self reinforcing positive practice and it will eventually become effortless. 

There are Four basic categories of communicating: in ascending order of importance.  We have to meet everyone where they are and not fall into the trap of assuming others are the same or that they all think as we do.

*Tangential relationships: clients, meeting new people and the like

*Work relationships: these are ongoing and proximate to our daily lives, and we can be either a leadership or team member role.

*Friends and Family Relationships: people we love.

*Romantic or Primary Relationships: people we are the closest to and, to one degree or another, have placed part of ourselves onto.

Counterintuitively, often the closer the relationship the more difficult it is to maintain and grow a tight bond.  if one or both parties places too great a reliance on the behavior and expression of the other, connection is lessened.  

This projection hems in both parties, as the sphere of communication effectively becomes smaller, and thus one must be careful not to approach the boundaries of acceptability in behavior and communications of the one who most limits the connection.

Self-Awareness is our personal key to not restricting how others approach us, for better connections and for enhanced life experiences in general.  High levels of Personal Responsibility is tacitly implied.

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