Hypomania and Creativity

“And the experience of suffering can provide the subject for works of art.  

In addition, mood disorders, particularly mania of low intensity, called;

 hypomania, can lead to unusual thought processes, associated with creative  episodes: 

*sharpened and focused thinking

*novel associations, 

*over-inclusive categories (perceiving similarities between things normally seen as different) and 

*speed of thought, as well as the kind of drive so often found in creative people. . ” 

Dr. Ellen Winner, Psychologist, Senior Researcher Harvard University

Kinda sounds like the Intuition and Synthesized Processes that the Right Mind effortlessly provides all humans is we can step aside from our limiting linear strivings.

It’s interesting how scientists and researchers, not necessarily consciously intending to, can make the higher intuitive functions of the Mind appear to be a disorder and therefore something to be labeled or connoted as bad.

This phenomenon unwittingly buttresses the many from reaching, risking and Being!  I prefer the more poetic descriptions to the clinical ones.

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