Trauma, Persistence and Creativity

“Even Mozart did not produce his first masterpiece until after about ten years of composing.  A willingness to toil and to tolerate frustration and persist in the face of failure is crucial. . . .  Creators are strong, dominant personalities with an unshakable belief in themselves. They must be able to believe in themselves, for otherwise they would be felled by the inevitable attacks that come when one goes against the established point of view.”

Notice Creativity and right minds can become dominant, through the pain of frustration and toil!  Those who give up in deference to the easier path, effectively close off their right mind!   

Comforting a child and reinforcing the commonly accepted practice of “becoming frustrated” as a valid way to process disappointing external circumstances, in lieu of directing a child towards alternative internalized more self reflective strategies, can lead to cementing the unconscious act of left brains “Thought Loop Patterns”.  These created automatic neurological circuits, allows individuals to make assumptive generalized predictions of how they should think, feel and act based upon pre-determined looped experience.

Like a muscle we have to deliberately strengthen our minds.  The funny thing is, it’s not so much strengthening the right mind as it is directing the focus of the left mind, so as not to allow it to lead us. The right mind needs no willful direction, once we have the left mind correctly focused, the right mind assumes its rightful place synthesizing and integrating what the left mind has provided it.

According to Dr. Ellen Winner, Professor of Psychology at Boston College and Senior Researcher at Harvard University, Creators are:

*Hard driving, focused, dominant, independent risk takers.  

*They have experienced stressful childhoods 

  and they often suffer from forms of psychopathology. . . .  

*Creators must be willing to sacrifice . . .  

*They are workaholics.  

*The most creative people are also the most prolific. . . .

*They must be able to persist in the face of difficulty and overcome the many obstacles 

  in the  way of creative discovery. 

-Dr. Ellen Winner

We all have our own Art to give the world.  To give it, we must persist as our inner angst propels us to do so.  Dr. Winner mentioned Workacholism, this is a manifestation of the creative force and while it can lead to psychic imbalances acutely, to not deliver ones Art is to allow the Spirit to die!

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