Am I Taking Crazy Pills?!?

 My daughters Augmentin suspension was lost somewhere in the transfer process between the common American tradition of transferring kids between divorced parents.  A relatively new socially acceptable phenomenon, designed so those parents can be free of the last devil they were married to, whilst awaiting for the prescribed period of time that their subsequent mate will too require an exorcism.


Brooklyn 4, just getting over an eye, ear, and formidable sinus infection with consistent fevers approaching 103 for a few days, was but 5 days through her 10 day bug killing regime.


Upon picking up her second prescription the pharmacist sheepishly informed me that my insurance wouldn’t cover the seconds prescription, so……



Oh! That’s ok, fill the prescription anyway. 


Pharmacist: (With an incredulous look on his face) 

You still wanna get it?


Stop!!!   This is where the Unaware miss the point!!!!!!


Yes, it was nice that Nixon fostered an environment, with his wage freezes, for employers to offer health benefits as a way to reward and entice new employees to work for them.  


But like all things that are our own personal responsibility (life and health), when the burden of responsibility gets shifted away from the individual and onto some other responsible entity, we soon forget about it and eventually can even indignantly come to rely on something outside of ourselves for part of our own well-being and comfort.


Like frogs in a pot of water being brought to a boil, we don’t notice the heat relative to the last few minutes.  It’s perspective through the frame of history, our own awareness and our own angst to “know” that reveals to us that we’re all being numbed by the rising temperatures of the common vessel we all share.


The pervasive and assumed belief that we all place such a high value on money, and the false sense of security it provides, over people is the noxious ether that keeps us bound.  


Because it must be someone else’s responsibility, as the masses necessarily project their responsibility outside of themselves as part of an egocentric soothing mechanism, we march in the streets and strategize for our rights (needs) to be given us.  This isn’t a political problem, it’s an internal one that is rarely considered.


It couldn’t be me!, I just work here!, I pay me bills in time and I pay my taxes!  In a good person and a good American!…….



2 thoughts on “Am I Taking Crazy Pills?!?”

  1. Ohhhh difficult. A conundrum. A book I love, that tries to attend to this: “Love Yourself, like your life depends in it”–about 40 pages long, $6 in amazon. Total game changer meditation piece that I love love love! Best to u👏👏🔺

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