Vulnerabiltiy: The Manifestations of Channeled Consciousness 

Human Awareness: in terms of Human Consciousness, would be the phenomenon of perceiving an event, external and/or internal, and then employing unrestricted synthesizing cerebral processes to assign abstract, contextualized and emotionally significant meaning to it.  

Our awareness increases as we assimilate more knowledge, recognized as truth both physically and psychically, thus raising our viewpoint to an ever more global and integrative perspective.  

Our speed and accuracy of discerning internal and external experiences increases along with our higher levels of awareness.  Awareness includes the ability to Bracket (we can observe the observer and can objectively discern how an event caused us to feel, think, and behave) the reaction (feelings, emotions and actions) that the event initiated in the one who experienced it.  

Empathy is a prerequisite for human awareness, as absent ones ability to deliberately consider how another feels or how events effect others, awareness can only be externalized and is therefore only an egocentric manifestation. 

Self-Awareness: or, awareness of ones self, is the ongoing process of actively directing ones awareness internally and assimilating those parts of oneself including feelings, experiences, fears, weaknesses, strengths, failures, successes and beliefs; into an accepted whole that is fully embraced, and can without resistance, be amended as new experiential revelations come to light.  Without Self-Awareness, any awareness is again an egocentric manifestation.

Internalized Drive: as a natural result of higher levels of awareness, one automatically engages their innate human drive to create, imagine, and curiously search for and discover meaning.  This creative force propels the aware individual to actively, yet without willfully striving, to express their gifts for their own fulfillment and for the benefit of the whole.  Knowledge and truth are sought, recognized and integrated via the right minds natural intuitive processing circuitry.  

If one must willfully strive and employ ongoing techniques and discipline, as is commonly practiced in goal setting, they are not fully aligned with their innate creative force. 

Initially goal setting can be a technique that primes an individual for aligning with their creative force, but as ones confidence increases as a result of perceived wins, they no longer need to actively strive to express their gifts.

Internalized Focus: Anytime we “Need” anything outside of ourselves (absent food, water and life support) to be the way we want it to be, we give our power to that need and limit our full expression and potential.  If we never needed anything outside ourselves, we would always have access to our best self and would feel and act with full confidence, a clear mind and purpose, and could weather any storm with grace and strength.  Our internal focus also increases as a natural consequence of increased levels of awareness.

Questions to determine ones level of Awareness

Can you comfortably observe yourself, from an objective detached perspective, in the moment and/or upon subsequent introspection and evaluation of yourself in relation to life events and experiences, and are you able to vulnerably view your expression without the need to employ self-protective psychic defensive mechanisms?

How much resistance do you display when considering different perspectives, when others are critical of your ideas, opinions, appearance or actions?  

Can you observe yourself, if not in the moment then when you excuse yourself to reset and ponder your expressions, without restriction?

Do you allow others to interact with you without restricting their approach or expression towards you or in any manner that they prefer to express?

Can you accurately state who you are, how you got here, what you’ve learned, how you’ve failed, how you’ve succeeded, etc..with complete internally directed vulnerability?

Can you accurately discern complex social interactive experiences in relation to environmental situational variables and take into consideration other people’s vantages to assess experiences?

Do you project your focus externally onto objects, people, events, etc.?  

Do you feel the need to manage your environment to feel comfortable?

Do you wish other people thought differently about you and actively seek to change their opinion of you

If you do project, are you aware that you are and are you willingly to tease out the inaccuracies so as to more accurately discern your experience?

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