The Magical Cloak of Unknowing


When I woke up I was not yet 5, I hadn’t seen them before, everyone seemed to be wearing one!

Why don’t I have one?, Why must I go unclothed?, This isn’t fair!, Can I design my Own?

Why doesn’t anyone remove their cloak?  Not even for a minute?  They really don’t know?

They are all the same, the way they button up the middle, but all different at the same time.

Some so thick and dreary, others with fine embroidery forcing a smile on the outside.

They make people say the craziest things, their language is the most confusing tongue!

I found my cloak a few times when I was scared and lonely, it made me numb, still pain!

I’ve tried to show others, and help them off with their cloak, but they laugh and point at me!

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