Is it the Truth Hurts, or Will it Set You Free?!

During the Inquisition, those who feared knowledge and truly believed in Magic, burned people on the stake and accused them of being witches and of consorting with the Devil.  

After the “Age of Reason”, or the “Enlightenment”, these same people who fear knowledge and living truthfully as they were intended to, run rampant but no longer need hide themselves.  

They need only memorize and parrot a few banal lines to fool those of their own ilk and sound reasonable, though those who do not fear them or the truth hear their shrills just the same.

The truth Hurts……them and their most fragile of ego’s!  They will go to any lengths not to be exposed or criticized!  How lucky they are to have so many coconspirators!

The Truth sets you free!  Is the cry of the truth seeker!  Though their “path” is truly the human one.

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