Toiling, A Work and life Strategy: 

Motto: “Roll up your sleeves and get the job done”.  

This is the linear left minds perspective, never in the moment but pulled forward to the future or back into the past.

The motivation is to get a task done and to receive the rewards from ones efforts.  This strategy does not foster critical thinking skills or growth.  It’s the carrot and the stick approach, with the payoff always out there in the future.

“Is it Friday yet?”  

To vent employees will commiserate with fellow work mates or other of the legions of people that share their plight.  

The Lottery is the dream, certainly not job satisfaction.  

Retirement awaits them if they can hold on.

This is toiling and requires discipline, rules for how one is to complete a task and how they will be evaluated (and how they will mostly likely will evaluate themselves).  

From the outset it places the emphasis on the external where most people have been indoctrinated into projecting their happiness all of their lives.  

Self-learning and risk taking is not encouraged despite any arguments to the contrary.  

This type of external motivation requires a manager to ensure employees produce what is required of them.

Any number of rewards and punishments deemed necessary to keep employees on task are attempted.  

This phenomenon, which is the result of increased levels of mechanization and industrialization driven by profit and growth goals, removes many proximate responsibilities from the individual and deferentially passes them onto the entities that provide them an ability to earn income.

This often results in a quasi-parent child relationship, where the employee comes to resent the employer and their job, as the sterilizing conditions of the workplace are not usually as validating and caring as is ones nuclear family.  

The net result is a manufactured phony communication style, as the employee resents the employer for not appreciating them and their efforts, while the employer tries technique after technique to keep the employee motivated.  

Though there is a better way leading to well-being, it’s never been known to them, or has been too fleeting to have any serious impact.

This is the game!

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