Courage: From Two Perspectives



Courage from the Left Side:


Motivation: False-Self Preservation


Mechanism: Fight of flight protective sympathetic reflex, reinforced by commiserations and societal acceptability.


Expression: Don’t mess with me, bellicose, let the chips fall where they may.


Result: The courage to leave and do something new externally, temporal change in external circumstances, no internal change. Buttressed by strong need to be right and supported by deliberately finding external support for their behaviors. Cleans up their external circumstances.


Courage from the Right Side:


Motivation: What is True, The Whole Perspective, Expression of Creativity.


Mechanism: Assimilation of truth from lucid, empathetic, intentional and integrating experiences.


Expression: Stands for what is true (often alone), despite the jeers and cries of those who would have them believe otherwise. Sees how the chips fit togethee.


Result: Internal change brought about by releasing the need to control ones environment, and thereby harnesses that freed energy to fuel growth and increasing levels of awareness. Cleans up internal inconsistencies.

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