Pareto Principle: Where the Gold Truly Lies

The Hierarchal left mind processes our world by defining, comparing and separating the particular which leads to judgment and by default Hierarchal thinking.  The entire wiring architecture of the left mind is designed to protect us, by noticing changes and differences in our environment.  Though to be thought of as “judgmental” is social suicide, lefties are resolutely judgmental, and this conflicting process, is yet another source of internal turmoil as new manipulations must be concocted so as not to appear judgmental as they really are.  So much anxiety and dis-ease in this world comes from denying and warping the truth in deference to ones perceived need for self preservation.

The Pareto Principle can be applied to nearly any situation, and is also known as the 80/20 rule.  80% of our success comes from 20% of our efforts, and 20% of our efforts come from 80% of our toil.  This Principle illustrates how we humans waste so much energy by investing 4/5 of our time and energy into behaviors and activities that deplete us, while only investing 1/5 of our energy into things that provide us a 4 fold return.    

The key is to discern what provides us a bounty, and what wastes our time and eventually us.  The inability to direct ones intention, as the egocentric left mind cannot, requires us to tease out the tentacles of our subtly manipulative left minds dominance on our lives, so we can invest those resources in the intuitive synthesizing abilities of our right mind. Awareness and courage are desperately in short supply in our world but an investment their, in lieu of the eternally busy frenzy that the left mind keeps people bound in, is really where the gold lies.

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