Temporal Phenomenology: My Understanding Thus Far

Consciousness and Space-Time are separate entities but both “a priori“, existing before and necessary fundamental constructs for the universe, life, emotions and experience.


They are the Spirit (Consciousness) and the Construct (Space-Time Fabric) for the spirit to manifest as apparent separate material objects, life and and other entities.


In this way the spirit can creatively experience itself in all of its infinite expressions as it propels life to higher and higher levels of awareness.


We, possessing an apparatus (human brain) that can channel the eternal consciousness that seeks to experience itself in all of its infinite expressions, are endowed with the gift of receiving and transmitting the spirit.


We are In-Spirit-ed (InSpired) with consciousness and this provides the spark for our imagination and creativity that is only limited by our unique genetic makeup, experiences, and the emotions and feelings that they provide us, within this Space-Time existence.


Our level of Awareness, that is under our own control, is determinative of our ability to effectively wield and intentionally focus the spirit that is all and one.


As we have only recently “woken up” (modern man, Cro-Magnon ~33,000 years ago) we bridge the gap between the Animal and the Spiritual Realms. We are consequently currently equipped with two cerebral hemispheres that function in antithetical but life supporting and life enhancing ways.


Our ability to channel, focus and intend the spirit, is dependent on both the structure of our brain in general and one the unique architecture of our synthesizing Right Mind. The ability of our right mind to effortlessly integrate multiple streams of sensory-perceptual data with emotional context and significance, provides us an intuitive understanding of the world around us and the consciousness of which we are a part.


Our Left Mind supports our physical being and provides us the angst to couple, reproduce, maintain our individuality, and to survive. It scans our physical environment noting small differences and warning us of potential dangers and threats. Our relatively primitive language center, developed in the left mind to communicate basic information about our environment to others in our proximity.


The disparate functions of our spirit channeling right mind and our physically protecting left mind is the basis for the many challenges that we humans face, especially regarding social interactions and our resultant behavior.

Our evolutionary proximity to lower cognitive species, necessarily promotes our fear based left mind to usurp our higher intuitive powers, for the sake of our physical survival. This mechanism can increase our quantitative life experience, but at the expense of our potential qualitative experience.




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