The Chains of Logic and Reason


Since the time of recorded history, man has sought to channel his intellectual endowments in such a way to provide him the greatest rewards both internally and externally, spiritually and temporally.


From the time of the Pre-Socratic philosophers, until present day the consensus of how to accomplish this vexing problem has traditionally been to employ reason and logic so as to most rationally make better choices and therefore better outcomes.


The problem itself has always been such a dilemma because humans are driven by their curious, imaginative and creative nature to individually express themselves and find meaning in their lives.


This counter force of logic and reason, has led many to believe that man is inherently bad, or has the desire to be so, and therefore to ensure his right behavior external boundaries must be employed to limit his potential recklessness.


This then is the paradoxical human need to be both the same as others but also different, accepted and free.


From the reasonable logical perspective, the need to express ones own differentness is the very urge that must be suppressed for the benefit of the whole. Like Freud’s Id, too much of this uncontrollable expression is detrimental to both the individual and the collective.


Conclusion: Laws and rules must be implemented to provide for the safety, security and progress of the citizenry. It seems obvious that certain limitations must be placed on the individual for the sake of the whole, and as a compromise the individual is most often willing to forfeit some of his liberty for the benefits the collective provide him.


The problem is the mentality from the beginning has been wrong and with practice we have lost perspective!


The Id is not creativity necessarily, it is the result of suppressing the deep need to express oneself, combined with a compensatory venting that must be released along with it, and is a result of not getting ones fundamental needs met of individual expression.


The act of boundless creativity produces a Flow-like state that removes us from the omnipresent shackles of rule based restrictions! In “Flow” time stops, the brain chatter quiets and we live without the perception of time! We enter the right mind and we recharge! Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi studied high performers in many areas of life, they all described similar experiences of this Flow State.


We are culturally deprived of this meditative like activity, that can become more integrated quantitatively and qualitatively in all of our lives. Instead we, like billiard balls bounce around from one drama to the next emergency that takes up all of our time. This leads to the venting and “bad” Idish behavior that we seek to prevent and punish when it occurs.





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