Yes that makes sense, why is your shirt wrinkly?

The Left mind is very literal, the language center and the brain chatter centers are located there. It can only focus on one data stream at a time and cannot integrate from multiple sources of information ,as can the multifunctional right mind.

Words are given deference: empathy and reading body language and other more important communication clues are processed in the right mind and as such those who are chronically under the direction of their egocentric left mind only focus on what is said, not on the intention behind it. 

This mechanism forces left minded folks to adopt a legalistic mindset and they hyper-focus and get caught up on words and phrases, not what is actually being communicated.  This also leads to an accumulation of resentments and a lack of ability to forgive.

Certain words strike them and trigger looped circuits that initiate hard wired patterns of thought and behaviors. Their higher cognitive and intuitive powers cannot be accessed as these automatic unconscious patterns assume control.  

When attempting to communicate something slightly abstract to them, they will stop you and inquire about a word or phrase that you used, losing all focus on what was truly being communicated. The meaning of the word, not the connection of the two communicating is all important.  

When one communicates with a lefty you better let them finish their thought or they will lose all focus. They have difficulty focusing and any revelation you might have to share is less important than them finishing their sentence. They will often become frustrated with you for breaking their concentration and any thoughts you may have will be discounted wholesale. 

Definitions, limitations, comparing, analyzing and an eye for the particular is the world of the egocentric left mind. It helps us survive, always scanning the environment for potential threats. One may be discussing the mysteries of the universe and a left minded person will wonder why the telescope you are peering through has a speck of dust on the upper left side of its lens, losing all focus of the big picture.  

Their attention span, especially when attempting to communicate more advanced concepts and theories, can be very short as they are perplexed why you chose a certain word to describe something or why you are wearing tennis shoes with green stripes and not blue, which would be their preference.

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