The Man with the worst memory in the world EP, 

The “Left Mind Story Teller” Apparatus in Action.

Source material for EP interview, “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Josha Forer 

Because the left mind does not store memories very well, it fills in the blanks with information that it thinks fit and make the story better.

Interviewing EP:
EP is a fit affable man with an IQ of 103. He is physically fit, 6′ 2″ tall and presents himself well. He also has the worlds worst short-term memory. In 1992 EP had a viral infection (herpes encephalitis) that with uncanny precision destroyed both his right and left hippocampus, the limbic structure that makes new memories stick and aids in memory recall. He has both retrograde (can’t remember old memories, for him since 1950) and anterograde (can’t make new memories) amnesia. He thinks it’s 1949.  

“I ask EP if he knows the name of the last president.

“I’m afraid it’s slipped my mind. How strange.”

“Does the name Bill Clinton sound familiar?”

“Of course I know Clinton! He’s an old friend of mine, a scientist, a good guy. 

 I worked with him, you know.”

He sees my eyes widen in disbelief and stops himself.

“Unless, that is, there’s another Clinton around that you’re thinking of—”

“Well, you know, the last president was named Bill Clinton also.”

“He was? I’ll be—!” He slaps his thigh and chuckles, but doesn’t seem all that embarrassed.

“Who’s the last president you remember?”

He takes a moment to search his brain. “Let’s see. There was Franklin Roosevelt . . .”

“Ever heard of John F. Kennedy?”

“Kennedy? Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t know him.”

Frascino interjects with another question. “Why do we study history?”

“Well, we study history to know what happened in the past.”

“But why do we want to know what happened in the past?”

“Because it’s just interesting, frankly.”

When trying to determine whom you should trust about anything.

Always go with the person with the best memory.

Memories are stored more accurately when they are truthfully stored.

Those with poorer memories have difficulty maintaining their focus as they more easily lose it to things that our outside of themselves. 

They inaccurately store memories as that ability to both perceive and discern are faulty, absent their focus.

They unwittingly fill in the gaps where their memory fails them.

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