Manifestations of Egoism

There are two ways to slide easily through life: 

to believe everything or to doubt everything; 

both ways save us from thinking.”

-Alfred Korzybski

When the egoist encounters something outside of its understanding or a discordant experience, in order to maintain control it must explain away what it cannot and does not want to understand. Though the egoist might have a limited knowledge base and actively resist learning, they will still position themselves superiorly in respect to others in order to maintain what they think protects them. Perspective is something that is severely missing in the egoist. They see the world only through their own lens, despite anything they say to the contrary.

The very last thing an egoist wants to do is learn. Learning means they would be required to change in some way, and change is something that terrifies the egoist. Maintaining, coping and survival are its only functions. Risking, learning and growth are actively blocked at all times to maintain the false-self. Egoists want you to change, not for your own good as they profess, but to make you easier to deal with, for you to fall into line with the others they deem acceptable. Subtle socially accepted manipulation techniques are used incessantly.

Egoists believe that their painful experiences have taught them truths, but more likely, they’ve only built more walls and their ego has taken more control in their lives. Because I refuse to submit to the restrictions that egoists necessarily impose on me and others to make them acceptable, they fight me. When they discover that I will not submit to their whims, I am labeled and scoffed at. It’s obvious they are right and they commiserate with other small minded egoists to buttress their beliefs. All of life is Externalized so they need validation to feel ok about more anxiety provoking experiences. This has been the way of the ego since man became conscious, and the source of our many societal and relationship problems.   

Egoists believe everyone thinks like they do and they cannot be vulnerable. They are forced to think in this way because they actively suppress their own perspective and learning in general. No change, no growth, no introspection only the status quo and safety for them. They abhor risk and new ideas or experiences that would lead them to question their existing beliefs. Reading this for instance, would infuriate the egoist, or more likely they would discount these truths wholesale thus saving any potential psychic energy for self-preservation. Truth exposes their game.   

The biggest egoists have the least knowledge and have risked the least. This is the easiest way to spot egocentric individuals, they fear being wrong and loss so much that they refuse to change in any way including educating themselves or actively learning new things. Because their perspective is so limited they are very defensive when they encounter a person that likes to push their own boundaries and grow. They vehemently defend their positions even though they are most often indefensible. They form groups to maintain their rightness and to validate their weakness and lack of perspective and insight. All ideas that lie outside their belief system are summarily dismissed. 

Like they learned as children, they require external constructs that provide a place for them to feel safe and secure and are mandatory conditions in the world of the egoist. Creativity and curiosity are almost completely suppressed, save for their curiosity of other people and what they do and think. Any behavior that falls outside of their limited understanding is viewed with suspicion and because they actively suppress knowing, they cannot risk attempting to really know anything new. Their unknowing is unconsciously deliberate, as they feel relieved of the burden of making truly adult decisions for themselves and others.

Egotists necessarily transfer responsibility off of themselves and onto others. When a person blocks their own ability to grow, learn and constructively create, they sacrifice their awareness in the process. This means other aware people, either directly or indirectly, must assume responsibility for them in their stead.  

Ignorance may be bliss for them but it makes others around them more stressed, as they come to rely on others doing for them that which they cannot.

This allows the egoist to spend their energy protecting themselves and not doing the more challenging tasks of truly responsible living. They retain a childlike lack of awareness, sans the curiosity and imagination, while unconsciously believing that they are responsible healthy adults.

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