Who Me?

“There are two ways to slide easily through life: 

to believe everything or to doubt everything; 

both ways save us from thinking.”

-Alfred Korzybski

What’s the difference between these sayings?

I was told…

I was raised like..

In school we were taught…

I just work here

I never signed on for this….

Who am I to say?

They say…

Why should I care?

I have a right to make him……

I’m not good at…….

I would, but you do it so much better…..

She has more school than I do so….

That’s not my job, problem, concern…

You’re the Dr, leader, smartest, most responsible…..that’s your problem


These cowardly strategies transfer mature responsibilities off of the self and onto another!

The net effect of allowing the self-protective ego to run ones life is that accountability and responsibility are shifted away from the self, thereby blocking growth and increasing levels of awareness and enhanced perspective.

The egoist, by playing small, is telling others that they are not capable of thinking, leading, risking, or of possessing the courage for whatever reasons they think sounds convincing.

This means somebody else must assume the responsibility for the egoist who has shirked theirs. They sacrifice opportunities for growth, through challenges and struggle, for a fantasy. They stay children but are not aware of it. 

Perfunctory tasks replace the true challenges of life as they continue to shirk the difficulties of life, they keep an eye out for those who don’t perform perfunctory tasks as well as they do. 

An unkempt car is deemed unacceptable to them, while they absolve themselves of all truly adult responsibilities.   

Somebody else will “take care” of them, perpetual children don’t wanna grow up.

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