It’s Inside-Out not Outside-In


As a result of the evolution of the human brain, and its ability to channel consciousness, we are naturally driven to create meaning through meaningful acts and experiences. No matter ones level of conscious awareness, whether the Dali Lama or Joe Blow, the drive to create is powerfully omnipresent in all of us.


As children we are inherently curious, playful and imaginative. These are natural manifestations of our drive to create meaningful experiences, which provide us the emotions and feelings that are the very reason that we exist in the first place! The truly creative among us retain a childlike curiosity and playful imagination throughout their lives.


In life we necessarily experience pain and discord both physically and psychically in the course of our daily experiences. These experiences are rarely deliberately or consciously chosen, but they do occur with some regularity and are mandatory for our growth if we choose to learn from them. Through the more important lessons attached to them, our challenges draw us towards increasing levels of knowledge and awareness, and fuller and richer life experiences.


Only through the lessons attached to our painful life experiences combined with our natural curiosity and playful imagination, we naturally (sans the didactic instruction) come to know objective truths, virtues, empathy, and can experience the state of “Flow” which allows our creative energies to express freely outside the confines of space and time. Ultimately we individually and collectively learn how to most easily give and receive love!



If however, we allow discordant experiences to limit our expression in any way, we sacrifice a measure of our opportunity for growth and our enhanced expression in favor of stasis or even regression.


If our social interactions in our environment support or model stasis or regression, and not our progression and growth, we will tend to adopt a static and protective mindset and go on to develop a reactive or defensive posture in life. We will actively resist change and seek to maintain what we have, we settle for a safe and secure existence, in lieu of an extraordinary one.


This defensive posture is an “Outside-In” coping mechanism that is unconsciously intended to protect us from perceived threats in our environment. Like an animal surveying it’s habitat for potential threats and predators, our focus is projected outside of ourselves, and through this process we lose our ability to wield our focus and our intention.


To one degree or another, we lose our natural ability to create our intended life’s expression and begin to unconsciously create our internal reality wrongly. By employing a fear-based viewpoint we mistakenly use our external environs as our guide and come to rely on things outside of ourselves to bring us joy.


In this reversal process we also forfeit our natural ability to intuit, to reach forward proactively and to effectively discern truth from untruth. We hold back, we look for direction from others, we second guess ourselves, we survive, we cope, we lose self-confidence and self-reliance and unwittingly come to rely upon others. We become childlike, in the negative context, as we deferentially project our own strength onto others, events and circumstances. In this way we lessen the responsibility we have for our own lives, as others become accountable for our errors.


Our objectivity becomes compromised and we lack certainty causing us to feel fear. Fear pulls us inside ourselves, bringing our internal angst to expressively create in an “Inside-Out” direction, along with it. This phenomenon is the root cause of all psychic (soul) pain and dis-ease.


In our attempt to protect ourselves we have sacrificed our growth, our focus, our intention, our creative expression, and our ability to accurately discern experiences in life. We necessarily stop learning and reaching and only hold onto what we have. This action then creates an inner turmoil that causes our internal language center to spew negative brain chatter and our ego assumes control of our lives. We have settled.


Our internal reality must now rely on inaccurate processing of experience and it results in both corrupted memory formation and memory retrieval. We see only what we want to see and on the particulars that we want and don’t want. This then reinforces our lack of trust in ourselves and our abilities which is projected onto others, as projecting outside of ourselves is now our habitual coping mechanism. We require people and circumstance to be just as we “need” them to be or we do not participate in life and shun different points of view. We control our external world because we have no control internally!


Deliberate creative untethered expression, and giving and receiving love, are the greatest needs we humans have. Freely expressing our gifts creates in us a state of “Flow” which connects us to the “Now”, to the present moment, to ourselves and to each other!


To vent the pent up creative energy that we have suppressed, we release our stress via any number of counterfeit pleasures or distractions that temporarily, but inadequately soothe our lack of flow and resultant anxieties. We are too busy though to gift ourselves the very elixir that gives us life!

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