Life is a Puzzle


There are 100 pieces in the puzzle (Lessons when learned through love give us Knowledge)

The Egoist has heard the names of all the pieces, as Platitudes are omnipresent and virtues are things to be sought in and of themselves. They will say they know, as they are supposed know, but they do not truly know.

The Egoist will actually Know about of the ten simplest pieces that provide for them the appearance of being a good and responsible person.

Their ten pieces are still just ten pieces, as they are separated from each other (not integrated).  

The egoist is pushed around in life by those who instruct them and by those who set and enforce the rules by which they feel they must comply. This toiling produces stress and anxiety which precludes them from searching for the missing 90 pieces, and from assembling the pieces of the puzzle.


The Intuitive Minded, deliberately search for all 100 pieces. 

As they find their puzzle pieces they assemble them as they go, making the puzzle one integrated whole, always coming more and more into focus.  As their puzzle takes shape they can see which piece they need next and know which questions need answering.

All is one, everything interconnects and they can call upon their higher knowledge and perspective at will, they do not rely on others to know, they know.

The Intuitive Minded, by virtue of their higher perspective, are blessed with more to give and live creatively in the moment. They are drawn forward in their growth and need not toil.  


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