Me, Me, Me!

A few days ago I had a new emergency patient. He is a very interesting and creative person, who was just in town for a few days, up from LA, to attend the funeral of his mentor and collaborator. When I first approached him, he was a bit standoffish with me. In about 2 minutes he opened up and told me he was a writer-director of a well known TV cable network series.  

We were talking about story design and character development, and the difficulty of raising money for meaningful movies these days when an assistant broken into our conversation, 

“My favorite movie is….!”, 

followed by, 

“My friends son just died!”

The most difficult thing to coach people is to keep there focus and give their attention to the person in pain and who needs our support. Ones validation can be sought elsewhere! But of course I can’t say that!ūüė®

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