The Singularity(s): Perspective

The Big Bang Theory Hypothesizes that all that is came from a single point of mass and energy that was about the size of a Hydrogen atom.  

That alone would be enough to explain to us that there are no real physical objects, as the energy released from the Big Bang only interacts with itself to provide our senses the appearance of physical objects. 

At the center of all Spiral Galaxies, like our “Milky Way”, a Super Massive Blackhole motors all of the objects under its gravitational pull.

The closer an object is to the Blackhole the faster it moves.

As an object increases in speed towards the Speed of Light, the Fabric of Time and Space Decrease proportionately. Time slows and space shrink.

Einstein proved that Gravity, or large amounts of Mass (energy) causes light to change direction.  

The Blackhole, such as the one that is in the center of our Galaxy, pulls all massive (energetic) objects towards it, even massless but energetic light (electromagnetic radiation). 

We can not see anything inside a Blackhole as we require light to see.

Similarly we require energy to exist.

So when there exists a massive amount of energy hidden in the dark recesses it pulls all other energy and light towards it.

Applied to Life and Human Conscious Awareness

We humans are a very unique form of organized energy that, and like all life, resists Entropy (the law that states that objects go from states of high to low organization unless energy is added to the system).

Further we are consciously aware of ourselves, we can think about our own thinking.  

With this gift we necessarily search for meaning as at the heart of our endowment is to create, to focus our conscious awareness and literally channel consciousness.

To the extent that we are unaware of ourselves, or our abilities, we sacrifice part of our ability to intentionally focus our conscious awareness.  

But as energy can neither be created or destroyed (the Law of Conservation) that portion of our conscious awareness that we sacrifice, like a Blackhole, still retains its’ energy (mass) and therefore continues to exert its gravitational pull on our awareness, albeit with no focused intentionality.

An object outside of the gravitational pull of a singularity, a Blackhole, would not be influenced by its negative energy.

Where no light exists, no life exists!

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