Leading from the Right Side

(Fostering the Creative Critical Thinker for Self-Motivated Lifelong Learning)


We are all born with a natural curiosity, creativity and imagination. Through our indoctrination into society, we have been stripped of much of our natural angst to learn and know, in favor of fitting into a system that demands our conformity. As such, we necessarily sacrifice much of our control over our own lives in deference to the entity(s) that provide us an environment to live and to produce an income. This phenomenon creates an imbalance in the power and control between the individuals in the production class and the individuals in the managing and owning classes. In either case our collective locus of control is shifted away from an internal one to an external locus of control, and ultimately towards money and possessions as the primary sources of motivation and resultant well-being.

To offset this disparity, and to reset towards an internal locus of control and well-being, we must foster an environment, a culture, that reinforces our natural tendencies towards curiosity, creativity, imagination and an internal state of well-being. As it stands now the vast majority of people tend to hold back from learning, reaching and risking for fear of being wrong and receiving negative feedback. We have a resistance towards growing and learning, and over time we have built up defenses that protect us but bind our growth and higher expressions. 

Many employees defer to their superior(s), instead of risking and being wrong they just ask those that manage them to direct them (even when given the tether to make their own decisions). This has led to a mentality that actually resists learning and defers responsibility onto their superiors. This breeds isolation, a technical mindset and a separation of people and teams in the workplace.

An effective leader should be a mentor who fosters an environment which brings out their associates natural tendencies by honestly encouraging growth as previously stated. In the teaching environment this must be explicitly stated in such a way to energize the students. This method requires mentors and teachers who themselves think, learn and work this way from the outset.      

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