The Artists Dilemma

We are all born with a will to be ourselves, to be free of domination. In early childhood, we exercise our will in our efforts to do things independently of our parents. Later, we fight the domination of other authorities, including the inner authority of our sexual drives. How our struggle for independence goes determines the type of person we become. The Artist must harness their true Self to possess the wisdom and power of channeling their intention upon the world. Their Will (an easy non-taxing second type of Will that requires no struggle or psychic energy drain or discipline) powers them to their goals and powers the world forward in awareness. This then, is bringing the Connecting and Separating Life Forces into Balance.

“For this very essence of man, his soul, which the artist puts into his work and which is represented by it, is found again in the work by the enjoyer, just as the believer finds his soul in religion or in God, with whom he feels himself to be one. It is on this identity of the spiritual … and not on a psychological identification with the artist that [aesthetic pleasure] ultimately depends… But both of them, in the simultaneous dissolution of their individuality in a greater whole, enjoy, as a high pleasure, the personal enrichment of that individuality through this feeling of oneness. They have yielded up their mortal ego for a moment, fearlessly and even joyfully, to receive it back in the next, the richer for this universal feeling.”

-Otto Rank

People wants to led, to be inspired, not managed. They want to be trusted, to express their true potential. They want to be believed in, so they can believe in themselves. But we are a cynical lot, having been stripped of so much creativity.We are all Artists, people only need be shown to See.”


“A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the luster of the firmament of bards and sages.”

-RW Emerson

“Good art could be understood as a joining of the material and the spiritual, the specific and the universal, or the individual and humanity.”

-Otto Rank

“The Artist, the Creative type or the Genius, the Self conscious type or just the Human Being. Instead of fighting themselves, these people accept and affirm themselves, and create an ideal, which functions as a positive focus for will (Self). The artist creates himself or herself, and then goes on to create a new world as well.”

-Otto Rank

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