The Higgs Field, Energy and our Perception 

The Higgs Field, via this mechanism, slows down particles (packets of energy) so as to appear physical.  

Like in relativity, to the observer of a very fast (approaching light speed) object what we perceive as 20 years, might be perceived as nearly instantaneous to the object moving fast.

Time is a construct as is the appearance of a physical object. 

I’ve talked about the Higgs boson, or God Particle. This particle, like many other Quantum particles, creates a Field. This field is everywhere in the universe, we are bathed in it and without it we wouldn’t be physical beings, only energy.

Light, a photon, goes through the field unscathed

Electrons and Quarks are given physical mass by the Higgs Field.

Electrons are Fundamental to atoms and elements and molecules and everything. All we really see is electrons on a macro level as they are outside of atoms, orbiting around the atoms nucleus pretty damn fast.

Quarks, 3 to be precise, make up protons and neutrons in the nucleus (Center) of atoms and provide all physical things the vast majority of their mass, or weight.

If we could find the switch to turn off the Higgs Field, everything would vanish!

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